Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What's on the Menu?

Welcome to the Children's Book Diner!

Short-order cook Peter and his staff of smilin' servers -- Deenie, Dinky, Ramona, and Trixie B. -- aim to please with a wide-ranging menu sure to satisy even the most discriminating palate.


Green Eggs and Ham

Pancakes Paris!

Everything on a Waffle


Winnie the Pu-Pu Platter -- East meets west in this selection of old English cheeses and Chinese hors d'oeuvres

Lucky Trimble's Cheese Balls


Stone Soup -- a vegetarian classic, and you'll never guess the secret ingredient!

Robert McCloskey's Lentil Soup

Old King Cole Slaw

Wintergirls' Three-Bean Salad -- a filling combination of one pinto bean, one green bean, and one black bean. Doggie bags available if that's too much for you

Harriet M. Welsch's Tomato Sandwich -- served with a chocolate egg cream

Farmer Arabel's Pulled-Pork Sandwich -- one bite of this BBQ delight and you too will be saying, "SOME PIG!"

Henry Huggins' Afterschool Snackers -- peanut butter, jam, and pickle relish on a graham cracker. Please specify choice of jam: strawberry, grape, or Salamanca's gooseberry jam


Spaghetti with a Chance of Meatballs -- authentic Italian pasta, may or may not be accompanied by meatballs depending on the mood of the chef

Johnny Mutton Chops -- don't be sheepish, give this one a try!

Farmer Hoggett's Hog's Head -- if you can't make up your mind what to order, this'll do

Jack G's "Hole in My Life" Pot Roast -- betcha six to ten, you'll like this dish

Oven-roasted Squab -- if you prefer this dish without gravy, please inform your server, "Don't Let the Pigeon Arrive Au Jus!"

Prime Ribsy

Sam Gribley's Fresh Catch -- flown in daily. Frightful-ly good!

Eloise's Sausage Roll -- the worst brat in children's books inspired this bratwurst dish

Make Way for Ducklings a l'Orange


Journey Cake, Ho!

M.C. Higgins' Banina Cream Pie -- just like mother used to make

Poppy Seed Cakes

Ginger Pie -- have some now, as it may disappear from the menu without warning

Turkish Delight -- one bite of this and you'll swear you're back in Narnia

Stinky Cheesecake -- Can be served with strawberries or cherries, though we'll be honest: they don't really mask the smell

15% gratuity added to tables of six or more.

Ask us about our catering services!


Bybee said...

I'd forgotten about Henry Huggins' odd snack choices.

Thanks for the tour of the menu..I'm hungry now.

kittens not kids said...

wow. incredible. But when is it time for cake and milk, cake and milk, with Harriet? Or is it just tomato sandwiches and the egg cream?

this is hilarious and brilliant. The grimmer ones - the Ribsy - in particular made me snicker

Anonymous said...

loved Ducklings a l'Orange

but no fried worms?

no pemmican and grog?